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Simone graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English Literature, History and Theatre and a Graduate Diploma in Education from Australian Catholic University. Spending the succeeding six years as a teacher in the Wollongong and Sydney Catholic Schools dioceses, Simone taught across a plethora of disciplines including English, Music, Religious Education, History, Photographic and Digital Media and was the Drama teacher-in charge at Marist College, Eastwood. It was here that Simone began to mentor fellow colleagues on the successful use of technology to enhance curriculum outcomes and her passion developed into her career.


Being part of the pilot program for 1:1 MacBooks, Simone experienced first-hand then and continues to see a great need for high quality technology training for teachers with a specific focus on pedagogy, particularly in this fast-paced moving world of new and emerging technologies. Her unique presentation style derives from her twenty years of involvement in both professional and amateur theatre both on and off the stage. 


Simone has spent the past five years as a presenter and Professional Learning Facilitator focusing on training teachers to effectively use Apple technologies to augment their teaching and learning experiences.


Professional Learning Opportunities


Mac and iPad Bootcamps 

Particularly favourable at the beginning of the year, the Mac and iPad bootcamps ensure that teachers and students are utilising all the features of their device to maximise their learning experience. 

Creative Content Creation 

Using a multitude of creative and creation applications, students will create mini projects linking to the unit of work they are currently studying in the curriculum. This can be facilitated for either teachers or students on either an iPad or Mac. 

Coding and Robotics

With the Digital Technologies curriculum mandated in almost every state, an understanding of what coding is and its place in the curriculum is essential for all our teachers and students. This can be facilitated for either teachers or students and can be modified to suit either iPad or Mac preference. 

Movie Making in the Curriculum

Unleash your students’ creativity by learning to capture and edit videos for class projects using iMovie. This workshop includes tips and tricks for great videography, including camera angles, shots, lighting, recording sophisticated audio with in built or exterior microphones. The session will culminate in exporting high quality videos for teacher creation and student submission. This workshop is suitable for either the iPad or Mac. 

Green Screening + Teleprompter

Teaching the correct terminology and use of chroma keying in the classroom can re contextualise the learning experience. Using a teleprompter can enhance students’s understanding of real world use in the industry and how they can place themselves within any moment in history. This can also be used to record whole year group public speaking projects for your school archives. 

Game Development

By using a multitude of Applications, students will learn to create and visualise excellent looking games that easily relate to the curriculum. Reinvent learning by modifying points of a narrative to fit objectives of a game. Students will also learn to create their own graphics, vectors and soundtracks. 

Podcasting and Music Creation with GarageBand

While many of us incorrectly think that visuals form the majority of our content creation experiences, it is essential that recording and using superior audio holds equal importance in our project compositions. Learn to record musical compositions to complement all digital projects and the true art behind professional podcast recording for classroom use. 

iPad for Young Learners

In this hands on workshop, explore how iPad can be used to create interactive engaging experiences for early learners. Discover ways to shift iPad use from consumption to creation in your classroom, empowering your learners to tell their own stories of learning. Drawing on a popular picture book for inspiration, this workshop explores age appropriate strategies that enable young learners to respond to literature and create their own spoken, visual and written texts with iPad.

3D Design and 3DPrinting

Incorporating Design Thinking processes and skillsets, students learn to create 3D models to incorporate into the class projects. Images will be rendered and exported ready for 3D printing. Designing occurs on the Mac using free software. 

Learning Management Systems

Manage how you create and distribute content in your classroom with a LMS that suits your specific school. Apps include Apple Classroom, Seesaw, Google Drive + Google Suite and iTunes U.

Apple Teacher

As an educator, you’re always looking for new ways to provide learning experiences that expand what’s possible in the classroom. Join us for a hands-on exploration of Apple Teacher, a professional learning program to help unlock the magic of iPad and Mac for teaching and learning.  Be inspired by tips, learning materials, and real stories about Apple products being used in amazing ways.  Build skills on iPad and Mac that directly apply to activities with students and explore new ideas to create more engaging lessons.

Photographing and Editing with Mac

In a world where the vast majority of people own and use a camera, learn what distinguishes a camera user from a photographer and how to apply simple editing techniques to augment the quality of the end product. Admin support staff needing to learn how to capture and edit content for promotional material would benefit from this too. 

Everyone Can Code

Coding is becoming an essential skill. Learning to code in the classroom teaches students how to solve problems and work together in creative ways. Join us to learn about Everyone Can Code, a new program from Apple that gives  everyone the power to learn, write and teach code.  You’ll hear about the new Swift Playgrounds app and explore curriculum materials that make it easy to bring coding into your school. Learn why Swift is a great programming language for both professional app developers and students who are just learning to code. 

Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners

For those wanting to advance to using industry standard editing techniques, this workshop covers the basics of capturing footage, professional editing techniques, transitions, animations, soundtracks, colour corrections, video and audio filters and exporting of content for teacher use and student submission. 

Apple iPad Learning Experience

For schools wanting to trial the use of a 1:1 iPad environment, the two week iPad Learning Experience integrates Apple’s core Applications in all facets of the curriculum during the program. For schools interested in this, contact with Apple’s local Development Executive is mandatory to see if the school qualifies with specific criteria.


Focusing on the art of stop motion animation and incorporating key elements of making by moulding sophisticated and industry standard clay characters, students will design sets,  storyboard their narrative, capture, edit, record audio and export their projects in this whole day activity. Suitable for either Mac or iPad. 

Accessibility Features on Apple Devices

Apple has taken great steps to ensure that everyone can access and use iPad and Mac devices to create content regardless of their diverse abilities and needs. The vast majority of teachers lack the knowledge of Apple’s in built accessibility features and the school support staff benefit from assisting students with specific needs through these intuitive inclusions. 

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